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Paying for Healthcare...should NOT be a hardship on you or your bank account

We know that Healthcare bills and the payment process can seem overwhelming and that is why we offer a simple fee for service with easy and affordable payment options.

Fees are as follows:

Initial Consultation and Visit : $345

Follow-up visits are: $190.00/ per hour


Low Level Laser Treatment:

1st Appointment is 1 Hour and includes LLLT: $225.00

THOR LLLT Multiple Areas 1⁄2 Hour: $90 each visit. Twice/ week for several weeks (case and protocol dependent).

Erchonia LLLT 1⁄2 Hour: $110 each visit. Twice/ week for several weeks (case and protocol dependent). 

  • If a second Protocol is needed for 2nd injury we will offer the 2ndprotocol at ½ price ($55). (Total for 2 Treatments is $165).


Follow up Appointments will be billed at the following:

30 mins: $95 (Phone Consultations Only)

45 mins: $145

60 mins: $190

75 mins: $255.00

90 mins: $275.00

This Fee Schedule includes Phone Consultations.

The phone consultation fee will be charged at the end of the phone call.


Credit Card or Health Spending Account Card will need to be given before the Phone Consult takes place.

Phone consultations are available to clarify Treatment Plans, as a convenience for those who live a significant distance from the office or during inclement weather. 

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