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We believe in a Dynamic partnership between you and your Doctor

Sacred Heart Center is a new approach to Healthcare

Dr. Caprio and Dr. Mulliken go beyond a quick 15 min office visit that focuses on symptoms, a quick Diagnosis with a Prescription Drug for treatment with no improvement of overall Health or Healthy Aging.

At Sacred Heart Center you’ll discover a unique relationship between you and your Doctor that ensures a positive move toward Health, Healing and Optimal Wellness. You will never feel rushed nor be told we will only address one complaint at each visit.

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Working together, Dr. Caprio and Dr. Mulliken have found that the philosophies of Osteopathic and Naturopathic Medicine share many of the same beliefs and they practice medicine at Sacred Heart utilizing those beliefs...

  • Promotion of Health and Wellness, not merely identifying a Disease

  • Identifying and treating the underlying Cause of illness, while promoting Health

  • Treatments are based on the understanding that the body is one unit, consisting of Mind, Body and Spirit

  • The Body has a self-regulating, self-healing Mechanism to prevent illness and maintain Health and that as Doctors we can assist that Mechanism to help each patient to Heal.

At Sacred Heart Center, Dr. Mulliken and Dr. Caprio will utilize both Conventional Medicine with Complimentary and Integrative Medicine for an all-encompassing comprehensive and complete approach in caring for their patients.

Sacred Heart uses the latest testing and treatment in the areas of Genetics, Autoimmune and Metabolic Disorders, Tick-borne Infectious Illness, Gastrointestinal Illnesses, Musculoskeletal Injury and many other illnesses. At Sacred Heart Center, we focus on the promotion of Healing through Biochemical Pathways, Nutrition, Osteopathic Manipulation and both Pharmaceutical and Non-pharmaceutical supplementation.

Sacred Heart Center is also using FDA approved “cutting edge technology” with low level laser treatment from both THOR and Erchonia.  It is non-invasive without side effects and is used to treat soft tissue injury, numerous arthritic problems, low back pain, plantar fasciitis and many other conditions. Low Level Laser Treatment has brought an entirely new and exciting area of non-invasive treatment and healing for the patients at Sacred Heart!

Dr. Mulliken and Dr. Caprio believe strongly in the Hippocratic Oath "To first do no Harm.” They will not use treatments that do not have adequate research to support their effectiveness and safety. Their commitment to exceptional Healthcare, is what sets Sacred Heart Center apart, with a standard of care that is one of a kind and truly unique.

You can turn to Sacred Heart Center with confidence for treatment and care that guides you every step of the way, as you begin your journey to a more Healthy and Vital way of Life. 

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